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The LTP-250 Micro-Press is a miniature pneumatic press for general use in applying heat and pressure to materials. The LTP-250 Micro-Press may operate with or without a dual temperature controller. 

With the Lambient Technologies dual temperature controller, precise independent temperature control of each platen is possible. Temperature control may be performed manually or under software control.

The heating temperature range is ambient to 350 C. (660 F.), and maximum applied force is 1500 pounds (680 Kg). Platen area is 3.0" x 3.0" (75 mm x 75 mm). Click here for full specs..

Designed especially for the needs of those who work with thermoset materials, the LTP-250 Micro-Press is particularly useful for the curing of SMC, BMC, epoxies, polyesters, polystyrenes, polyurethanes, silicones, laminates and other polymeric materials. Providing a portable, easily operated platform to reproduce the time-temperature-pressure processing profiles of most polymers.

The LTP-250 Micro-Press can be controlled manually or with the Lambient Technologies CureView software. When used with any of the Lambient Technologies dielectric sensors, the LTP-250 Micro-Press becomes a complete testing station for dielectric cure studies.

Lambient Technologies LLC , based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, develops instruments, sensors, and software for monitoring the dielectric properties of curing polymers. These properties provide unique insights into the chemistry, formulation, reaction rate, viscosity, and cure state of epoxies, polystyrenes, polyurethanes, silicones, SMC, BMC, and other types of thermoset materials. Details are available at the Lambient Technologies website:,   

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